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Electric Indoor Models

Electric Indoor ModelsElectric Outdoor ModelsElectric Outdoor Models

Glue Board Indoor Model
Glue Board Indoor Models

Starkeys Replacement Parts

Starkeys Replacement Parts

Ozone Kill Units
Odour/Bacteria & Mould Control Units

Sterile Cabinets
Sterile Cabinets


Electric Indoor Models – Starkeys products are one of the most effective insect killing machines in the world and will last you for many years.





Electric Outdoor Lanterns - Fully “IPX rated” for outdoor use. Made out of the best quality Zinc-anneal metal and powder-coated for extra protection.





Glue Board Indoor Models – Deadly, very effective & silent. Made to the highest standard possible using the most effective Glue Board available on the market.




Genuine Replacement Parts - Starkeys parts are made to the highest standard possible  and have been fully researched to provide our customers with the highly & most effective parts available on the market today.



Odour/Bacteria & Mould Control Units - are used in many applications. These models that are extremely effective in destroying odours, bacteria and mould. For example our Coolroom Model will even increase the shelf life of food stored in cool-rooms.



Sterile Cabinets - This Sterile unit a proved winner with many scientific bodies, schools, clubs, hair dressers plus many other businesses. Like all Starkeys Products we only make high quality products which we back by our 3 year warranty.




Starkeys Products are one of the most trusted insect control manufacturers in the world and are the first choice of many 5 star hotels/resort chains, restaurants and hospitals etc in over 30     countries. Starkeys are safe, reliable and durable.

Electric insect bug zappers, glueboard insect traps, bacteria control units, sterile cabinets and coolroom germ protectors, look no further than Starkeys. We make products that really work. Our products attract and kill many different insects including flies, mosquito’s, miggies and moths, fruit fly etc.

Do you have a FLY or MOSQUITO PROBLEM at your home or work place?


If you are looking for an insect trapping device let STARKEYS PRODUCTS control your flying insect problems, both effectively and in a ECO friendly way. Many companies offer insect problem solving devices under names such as ‘Bug Zappers’, ‘Insect Killers’, ‘Fly Trap’, ‘Insect Traps’, ‘Mosquito Killers’, ‘Sticky Traps’ and ‘Glue Traps’. BUT ARE THEY EFFECTIVE? You can always count on STARKEYS PRODUCTS high quality units to really work.

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